Areas of application

convert4print helps you,

  • If you have to output print data streams to printers that do not support these data streams
  • if you want to become independent from your printer manufacturer
  • If you want to print bar codes on laser printers from host applications such as SAP
  • if you need to buy flash memory for printers to store forms or fonts, or if no flash memory is offered for your printer
  • if you want to send the output of your application automatically by fax or e-mail
  • if you want to automatically transfer the output of your application to an archive or place it on the internet
  • if you want to use new printer accessories such as staplers, punchers, cutters or RFID without touching your application
  • if you also need to convert and send print output to other formats such as PDF, TIFF, XML or HTML
  • if you want to write your application independently of whether it is printed on a laser, matrix or label printer
  • if you need new printers, and the new versions of the printer do not interpret some commands, no longer interpret them, or interpret them differently